Hot Sale Aluminum Truss

Product Details

Tube Diameter:38mm/50mm
Color:Silver or powder coat(black)
Usage:for truss display

Accessories Required
The base is an accessory that is placed at the bottom of the high-quality and durable light frame to support the column truss. There are movable legs under the base and the height can be adjusted, which is very useful for the uneven performance venue.
Use screws to connect the top of the head, the four holes around the insertion of oblique support of the water balance bar (black) can be.

2. The head
The shape is a truss with a loose-leaf connection in the middle, and the upper part can be rotated at a large Angle along the connection axis.
The role of the head is convenient pillar of truss structures, especially high pillar light frame you need a ladder with the aid of a tool such as without the head to assemble the lights on each node, and use the head is very simple, as long as the light frame on your first link, and then put the end on one end of the connection in the head, the head of the bottom is fixed on the base, and then a few people together to the truss stand up to the post.

3. The party set
The function of the square sleeve is to connect the light frame of the column and the beam. When the square sleeve is pulled by hand, the beam can be moved up and down.
The inside of the square sleeve is provided with pulley, so that the square sleeve can slide vertically along the direction of the column.
Square sleeve is different from six-sided joint, six-sided joint connected to the beam can not move up and down, and square sleeve can move.

Despite the reputation of lighting manufacturers to provide quality very good shelf, but if there is no matching parts, the function of light and hard to set up, so in addition to the three main parts, in the light frame structures, assembly, also would use the cross arm and brace, through the use of these accessories can make convenient solid light frame structures, success.

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