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What Is The Development Trend Of Steel Structure Residence?

Sep 06, 2018

With the development of the national economy, China has the conditions to promote housing industrialization, which is also the requirement of social sustainable development. Steel structure residence is only one of the forms of housing industrialization, which is conducive to the technical progress of China's construction industry, stimulating domestic demand in the metallurgical industry and promoting the development of energy-saving and environmental-friendly building materials.


The rapid development of residential buildings in China has stimulated the growth of the national economy. However, at present, China's residential construction technology is backward, is still in the extensive production stage, labor productivity is only one fourth of the developed countries; color steel equipment materials are still dominated by traditional materials, the proportion of new wall materials is low; residential industrialization has not yet formed, high construction costs, long production cycle, residential energy Heavy consumption and deterioration of ecological environment quality. This situation is difficult to meet the dual requirements of residential quantity and quality, and can not meet the requirements of housing industry as a point of economic growth.

After several years'practice, people have come to realize that the technology development of steel structure residence should do some applied basic research, and can not unilaterally understand that steel structure residence is steel structure. The development of matching parts should keep pace with, it is a systematic project, with the nature of industrialization, to gradually develop and improve. At the same time, government departments also need policy guidance and positive impetus.