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What Are The Main Things To Do With The Construction Of The Outdoor Aluminum Stage?

May 08, 2019

The outdoor aluminum stage needs to pay attention to many matters in the process of construction. Under normal circumstances, it encounters the company's opening activities, anniversary, annual meeting, etc., companies that want to pursue scale and atmosphere will generally consider a large-scale event. . Since it is a big event, it is definitely a temporary stage and some actors are invited to perform. Some friends will definitely feel that it is not a stage, what is difficult, minutes! In fact, it is not a very easy task to build a successful stage. So what needs to be done to build a safe and atmospheric stage?

1. What is the ceiling height of the event venue?

Ceiling height has a crucial impact when arranging outdoor aluminum stages, lighting, and audiovisual equipment. You need to organize a company that supplies the stage, lighting and audiovisual services to conduct a field trip with you and negotiate the best venue layout based on all your needs.

2. Is the sight good enough?

Look at the venue from all viewpoints. Are there any pillars, chandeliers and the like that obstruct the view? Is every guest able to see the stage or the big screen? How much does it cost to raise or remove the chandelier? Chandeliers can sometimes be disassembled, but labor costs must be considered.

3. How much is the stage need to be wide?

What kind of meeting will be held on the stage? How many people do you have to stage? According to the different conditions of the guests sitting at the table or sitting in a theater style, how high is the stage? You can plan a part of the venue from the beginning and put it on the carpet, turning the hall into a restaurant style. You don't have to have all the seats at the same height, but don't forget that the cost of seating is high, depending on the layout of the venue and the obstacles that need to be handled, such as pillars.

4. Is there a fixed stage at the venue?

If you have one, ask for a stage plan including the backstage to see if there is a ready-made dressing room, whether there is space for loading and unloading various equipment, the width of the aisle, and whether the stage can satisfy you. Demand.