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What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Trusses?

Aug 02, 2019

One: firm and stable

The aluminum alloy trusses on the market are generally made of high-quality aluminum, which is usually used for stage construction or event venues, so it is because of its structural equipment that makes people feel stronger and it The base is made of iron or aluminum and plays a stable role on the ground.

Two: easy to use

If you need to hold a performance, you always need the lighting effect to support it. Then the aluminum truss is more convenient for the light to be built. It is easier and safer to install, so you can build a perfect one without using too much manpower and material resources. The stage effect, and the aluminum truss can withstand a larger variety, so it is safer and more reliable than the wooden floor.

Three: anti-rust

Due to the special nature of the aluminum alloy truss material, it can achieve the effect of preventing rust, so that after using for a certain period of time, there is no need to worry about whether the problem will be unsatisfactory during the use process, and it will not affect the appearance. And any decoration is matched with the aluminum material.

Four: simple and fast operation method