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Wedding Stage With Aluminum Alloy Truss

Apr 26, 2018

The wedding stage is a new small folding stage specially designed for small stage design. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy truss.

The characteristics of the small folding stage of the wedding ceremony: convenient and quick, no position, cheap, novel style, stable and beautiful structure, at present the application is wide, the price is favorable! The number of predetermined quantities can be applied for preferential treatment. The stage height is regular: 30-40 can also be adjusted according to the requirements, the stage surface is covered with red 5M millimeter carpet, and the edges are made of steel profiles, beautiful and generous.

Recently, this aluminum alloy truss stage has been well received by the wedding industry all over the country. Due to its small specifications, it is fast, convenient and flexible. The stability is very stable and so on. The price is very high, and the price is calculated by block (Zhang). Compared to the conventional large-scale assembly stage price, the cost is greatly reduced, the transportation is convenient and the speed is built. The folding stage principle is very simple. The folding leg is an elastic telescopic tube in the middle of the column, and the telescopic tube can be used. The whole structure is perfect and the quality is superior. The folding leg needs only the lower pin after the performance is finished. The legs are naturally folded into the legs.