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Use Summary Of Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding

May 17, 2018

Before aluminum scaffolding works at heights, proper planning must be carried out. 
- Ensure that all relevant personnel are qualified and trained in aluminum alloy scaffolding related skills.

- Ensure that all levels of supervision and inspection are included in the work plan. 
- Ensure that the entire construction process is carried out in accordance with the correct procedure in the operation manual.

- Parts inspection must be performed before use.

- Ensure all parts are available. 
- Ensure that the base of the tower scaffold is horizontal and placed on a sturdy floor, and then proceed with the next assembly work. 
- Ensure that the castor are locked.
- The actual erection height of the aluminum alloy scaffold shall not exceed the maximum erection height specified in the operating manual.

- The actual load of the aluminum scaffold shall not exceed the maximum load specified in the operating manual.
- Install bracing member or stabilizer as recommended in the operating manual. 
- Must comply with wind speed guidelines.

- Do not cover mobile tower scaffolds.
- Aluminum scaffolding must not be used as an import and export connection. 
- Please erect and dismantle the tower scaffold according to the method specified in the operation manual.
- The work platform must provide adequate perimeter protection, Upper guardrail > 950mmfrom Working platform) + Middle guardrail,Interval does not exceed 470mm + Toe board

- Do not use incompatible accessories. 
- Do not scaffolding tower support frame as ladders, bridge, or other device doorway.

- If you need to move aluminum alloy scaffolding, please follow the instructions in the operation manual. 


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