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Truss Structure Is Relatively Simple, Easy To Combine

Aug 07, 2017

russ manipulator as a fashion a transport tool, more and more favored. At present, the mainstream of domestic and foreign flexible automatic line logistics system has two main forms: by the truss manipulator to send the workpiece composed of automatic production system and the robot handling system for the composition of automatic production line. In Europe and the United States and other developed industrial system, from the high-speed machining centers and truss manipulator composed of agile flexible production system is already the mainstream products, truss robots in high-altitude transport parts, directly processed parts from one machine to another machine , Truss robots with both between the transport and automatic loading and unloading materials and other auxiliary functions. Because of its fast delivery, precision, flexibility, structure is relatively simple, easy to combine. Thus, by the machine tool manufacturers are important.

Truss manipulator consists of three parts: main body, drive system and control system. According to the robot structure is classified as Cartesian coordinates, the robot moves along the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. The main part is usually made of gantry structure, which consists of y-direction beam and guide rail, z-ram, cross slide, column, transition connection plate and base. The z-direction linear motion is AC servo motor through worm reducer Drive gear and y-direction beam, z to the ram on the fixed rack for rolling, driving the moving parts along the rail fast movement. The moving parts are of a lightweight cross slide and a z-ram, and the ram is made of an aluminum alloy drawn profile. The beams are made of square steel profiles, and rails and racks are mounted on the beams, and the entire robot is suspended by contact with the guide rails

As the truss robots transport speed, acceleration, acceleration and deceleration time is short. When transporting heavier workpieces, the inertia is large, so the servo drive motor has enough drive and braking capability, and the support element must have sufficient rigidity and strength. Only in this way can the servo motor meet the high response, high stiffness and high precision requirements of the truss manipulator delivery. In the case of selecting the appropriate servo motor, according to the distance of the material movement and running the beat, calculate the servo system displacement and trajectory, the dynamic adjustment of the driver PID parameters. The truss robot moves to the moving unit according to the received displacement and speed command, changes, amplifies and adjusts it, and realizes the running state through the optical fiber sensor. During the high speed handling, the moving part arrives in a very short time Given the speed, and in the high-speed trip in the moment quasi-stop, through the high-resolution absolute encoder interpolation operation, control the mechanical error and measurement error on the impact of motion accuracy. As the workpiece is different delivery, the quality is different, so the truss robot has a variety of specifications and series. In the selection, according to the quality of the workpiece being sent, the processing of the beat to select. But the robot arm, clamping method, according to the shape of the workpiece being sent, the structure and the machine fixture set clip to design.