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Truss Industry Development And Prospects

Apr 18, 2018

The types of truss structures are relatively numerous, and the applicable occasions are relatively wide. Trusses of different materials and types can satisfy the needs of various users. According to the current situation, steel welded trusses are currently the mainstream of customer demand. And this demand has increased year by year. Nowadays, this rigid truss has many excellent qualities. It is simple and easy to install, and its appearance is easy to disassemble. And can be based on the different needs of customers truss factory manufacturers can also use special materials, made of special-purpose products to meet the needs of various types of customers. For example, adding magnesium to raw materials can make the product density low.


Now in foreign countries it has also become popular with the upsurge of all-steel truss construction. Truss buildings may have some similarities in the appearance of the building, but the internal structure can be arranged as you like. Moreover, such a method is simple and easy, and it is also very convenient for future demolition. This kind of trussed building has just started in China, and now only appears in the south and north of our country. So the demand in the future is still very great. The truss factory manufacturers can also be assured of the development prospects of trusses.