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The Development Trend Of Scaffolding

Jun 22, 2019

China's current high-altitude construction is basically a steel pipe scaffold. It is a substitute for scaffolding made by traditional bamboo before the liberation of China. It has been going through more than 80 years of history. The current development trend in the world is aluminum alloy. Scaffolding replaces traditional steel scaffolding.

China's current scaffolding made of steel pipe material has fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, bowl-type steel pipe scaffolding, socket-type steel pipe scaffolding, door-type scaffolding, as well as a variety of scaffolding, hanging scaffolding and other steel material scaffolding. Start with its material and construction, and roughly divide it as follows:

Divided by the material of the rod

1) Scaffolding of single-size steel pipes. It uses only one type of steel pipe, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, and only uses Ф48×3.5 electric welded steel pipe.

2) Scaffolding of steel pipes of various specifications. It consists of two or more steel pipes of different specifications, such as door scaffolding.

3) Scaffolding based on steel pipes. That is, the steel pipe is mainly used, and supplemented by scaffolding made of other steel bars, such as scaffolding with channel steel top or base, and scaffolding for connecting steel plates. Shelf tubes, construction pipes, which are usually used to make brackets on construction sites, are rolled up by hot-rolled strip steel after processing. On modern construction sites, the shelf tube has been widely used and can be seen everywhere. In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization, the demand for shelf tubes has become larger and larger. At the same time, the state has also introduced some measures to encourage the development of the shelf management industry. Among them, the emphasis is on the development of the shelf tube for the construction engineering profession. The shelf tubes used to build houses are available in a wide variety of options and are available in a wide range of options. Therefore, the shelf tube manufacturers have accelerated the pace of restructuring to establish the dominant position of the shelf management enterprises in the market.


The development trend of the shelf tube industry will develop with the changes of the market. The management and management of enterprises have changed from a single target development in the past to a scientific and unified management. The formation of commercial concrete pumped cast-in-place reinforced concrete structural system has promoted the application of formwork brackets with high space and large span. The design of the formwork and high-level scaffolding in the construction of the project has become more and more obvious. Because of its simple and reasonable structure, smart design, easy to use, safe, fast, easy to transport, storage, and maintenance. Therefore, at the time of the development of the shelf management, three firsts were realized:

The first one achieved no moving parts on the shelf tube;

The first one has realized China’s independent intellectual property rights to the overall new type of shelf management.

The first one realizes that the shelf tube does not have any special locking parts in the structure. So far, the product has been well received by domestic and foreign users, and is favored by domestic roads, bridges, municipalities, housing construction and other units. Scaffolding bowls According to the report of the Association of Steel Pipes, when the steel pipe crossbar is used, it is a “single steel pipe scaffold”; when a steel steel crossbar is used, it is a “steel pipe-based scaffold”.


 At present, some developed countries in the world as well as Hong Kong and Macao in China are paying more and more attention to the safety of building construction, and because the traditional steel pipe scaffolding is too heavy and the efficiency of workers' installation is low, the construction cost has risen sharply. These areas have begun to gradually replace the traditional steel scaffolding with aluminum scaffolding. The design of the aluminum scaffold is scientific, and the construction and disassembly are fast, lightweight, stable, and the safety is greatly improved compared with the traditional steel scaffolding. Therefore, the scaffolding industry will be replaced by bamboo scaffolding before the liberation of China. The current steel pipe scaffolding is replaced by aluminum scaffolding, which is a historical trend in the future.