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The Basic Structure Of Telescopic Ladder

Jan 19, 2017

The basic structure of the "folding staircase" consists of: wooden frame, metal bracket (cover side), cover, metal joints (telescopic ring), metal pedal, hydraulic bar, rubber seal, exit armrest (security handrail). Running board and retractable ring, is made of high quality steel plate after pickling spray, the appearance of smooth does not rust. Need to understand the basic parameters are:

Folding staircase staircase board step: 360mm

Folding stairs Stair step board Width: 110mm

Folding stairs Stair step board Height: 250mm

Folding stairs Maximum load: 200KG

Stairway size: 700 * 900mm, 700 * 1000mm and 700 * 1200mm

Stair height: 3100mm the following can be