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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Trusses

Jun 06, 2018

In the booth construction and stage construction in various outdoor activities, we generally see square pipe trusses, and we have seen less of other types of trusses. In fact, there are many types of trusses, such as aluminum alloy trusses. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these trusses.


Steel Pipe Truss: Advantages: Compared with other materials, truss products are low in price, economical and practical, and cost-effective. The current sales volume is also relatively large. Moreover, subsequent purchases will have a large amount of cash, easy to use.


Fixed trusses: Advantages: Simple installation, strong load-bearing capacity, sturdiness and durability; Disadvantages: Compared to folded trusses, fixed trusses take up more space.


Aluminum alloy truss: Advantages: No rust, beautiful appearance, large bearing capacity, and not easily deformed. Disadvantages: The price is a little higher than the steel pipe truss.


Folding truss: Advantages: Compared with fixed truss, folding truss saves space, transport warehousing cost is not high; Disadvantages: installation is relatively cumbersome, steering must formula head, bearing capacity is relatively low.


Butterfly truss: Advantages: Art, beautiful; Disadvantages: High prices, low load-bearing capacity, not suitable for outsourcing screen projects and outdoor projects.


Round pipe truss: Advantages: Some customers still like it better; Disadvantages: Turn to the square, not very suitable for the outsourcing screen project construction and installation.


Square tube truss: Advantages: Suitable for both inner and outer screens, most products do not require square heads. Disadvantages: Individual customers think that the square tube is not very beautiful.


Ball joint truss: Advantages: elegant design, good sturdiness, it is a high cost in the truss. Disadvantages: Aluminum alloy material production, the relative price is very high. It is not very suitable for outsourcing the screen. The finished product after construction has a large volume and is not suitable for background board projects or small booths.


Stainless steel truss: Advantages: No rust, beautiful appearance. Disadvantages: The price is expensive and there is little circulation in the market, which is not conducive to the incremental support in the future.