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The Advantage Of Truss Quality

May 31, 2018

Many kinds of truss are used. Aluminum alloy truss is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It has good resistance to acidic substances and can prevent itself from being corroded, resulting in changes in performance and a life expectancy of more than 10 years. Due to the discerning quality and appearance of people, we will only introduce aluminum alloy trusses. The aluminum alloy truss is half lighter than the traditional iron truss before, and the lighter quality can save us a lot of trouble and facilitate our construction operations. With excellent compressive strength, aluminum alloy trusses are generally more weight-bearing and meet the needs of various performances, music and other equipment.


The trusses we use in buildings are generally calculated based on the static coefficients of the dynamic coefficients. These static loads are generally determined by various forces such as wind force, seismic force, and running vehicles. Truss nodes for engineering use generally have rigid nodes; plane trusses you can use hinged nodes for calculations; aluminum alloy trusses are made up of multiple planes, each plane can be divided by force, and its static load can be Plane trusses are calculated. From a mechanics point of view, the axial forces of the upper and lower chords are evenly distributed, and the axial force of the webs is small and the materials are saved. The different shapes are subjected to different static loads. If viewed from the manufacturing point of view, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete trusses are polygonal or trapezoidal, while steel trusses are trapezoidal or parallel string-shaped, and wooden trusses are made triangular.


Our country has a culture of 5,000 years, various local operas, large and small arts and literature, countryside, weddings, and funerals are also held in various facilities, tents, stages, and so on. In such a large market, coupled with the absence of trusses in certain regions, truss plants have emerged in the surrounding areas of industrial cities. There are also many such secondary agents, and truss wholesales have gradually emerged.


The quality of truss

The first high-quality trusses were treated with tannin and the surface showed a bright silver color.

The second best truss is packaged in bubble bags to ensure that it will not wear during transport. The two high quality truss planes are flush and polished.

Third, we have to look at whether it is fine in welding, precise in size, and whether the welder is in the right place.