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Telescopic Ladder Of The Market Advantage

Jan 19, 2017

1, telescopic ladder takes up a small space (do not take up any space downstairs, upstairs occupies less than 1 square of space

2, high concealment (only opened a small hole, and a white end of the door completely blocked the hole, door and ceiling with a color, it is difficult to find there is a channel)

3, stretching ladder insulation effect is good (door and hole sealing, summer will not let the heat affect the indoor, winter will not let the warm air inside the room to the outside, cool in winter and cool in summer)

4, easy operation and effort (using telescopic ring technology, open and relax easily)

5, with the retractable stairs, from the top of the attic space can be a very good use, choice, love home life!

6, retractable stairs is finished, the installation is very simple, full-screw, it will install the stairs.