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Square Aluminum Dj Light Truss Construction Process

Jun 12, 2018

The use of square aluminum Dj light truss can not be separated from a good foundation, then you know how to actually build it? Usually we need to select a suitable location on the ground now, and then we will set up four bases and adjust the lower legs so that they are in a horizontal plane. Next, insert the bottom part of the diagonal support outside the bases on the four corners of the square aluminum Dj lamp truss, inserting two per corner, for a total of eight.


Then use a screw to fix the counter-head of the square aluminum Dj lamp truss, to ensure good connection between the base and the base. Note that the direction of rotation of the counter-head should be consistent with that shown on the diagram. Afterwards, put a square sleeve on the opposite end and connect the beams to the ground. The two ends of the beam and the two sides of the beam are butt-joined, and the beam is assembled on the ground.


Next, you need to connect the square aluminum Dj lamp truss horizontally, and screw one of the aluminum truss on the opposite head, and screw the cross arm on the other end. At the same time, link the hanging hoist and cross arm. The function of the hoist is to use To raise the lower beam truss. Pay attention and arrange for multiple people to slowly erect the truss together. Be careful not to push the column too hard and fix the screws on the opposite side.


After the square aluminum Dj lamp truss is erected, it is also necessary to use the hook below the hanging hoist to hook the lower cross beam. Then four people slowly shake the hanging gourd to pull the beams to the left and right of the person's head. After the above steps are completed, the lighting and sound equipment is then installed on the cross beam, and four people shake the hanging hoist to a predetermined height and stop.


In addition to these steps, the staff also needs to fasten the end of the diagonal aluminum Dj light truss support to the upright post and tighten the other end to the cross support of the base. In this way, the square aluminum Dj lamp truss will be completed. Of course, in order to ensure safety, after the completion of the construction, it is necessary to conduct corresponding inspections to ensure that it is in good condition and meets the requirements.