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Scaffolding Quality Plays Important Role In Construction Field

Feb 26, 2020

According to information provided by the International Labour Organization, at least 60,000 fatalities occur on construction sites worldwide each year. In other words, one accident occurs every 10 minutes, and one out of every six fatal accidents comes from a construction site. In industrialized countries, deaths at construction sites account for as much as 25% to 40% of work-related deaths.

According to incomplete statistics, China now has more than 2 billion cubic meters of work resumed each year. Building construction tasks are getting heavier and the pressure on building safety production is also increasing. So the quality of scaffolding is very important in construction field.

In order to ensure the safety of customers during construction, we produce scaffolds in strict accordance with production standards. After each production process is completed, quality inspectors will be required to test to ensure that our scaffolding products meet national safety standards