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Necessity Of Toe Board/Kick Board

May 12, 2018

Perhaps it is unfamiliar to you the aluminum alloy scaffolding Toe board. It is placed vertically on the edge of the top working platform for protection, to prevent construction workers from mistakenly stepping on the work, and prevent something on the platform work board from falling off the tower and causing injury to people on the ground.

You know, under normal circumstances, construction workers at heights rarely pay attention to their own feet. This often poses a hidden danger to safety. If aluminum scaffolding does not have a Kick board, people accidentally step on empty objects or fall off at high altitude. Mistaking the objects on the work platform and landing on other people on the ground, all are unimaginable consequences.

Therefore, when using aluminum scaffolding, it must be used in conjunction with the Toe board.

Our scaffolds are produced strictly in accordance with European standards/EN1004, it is to fix a solid toe board such that its top edge is at least 150mm above the adjacent platform level, for the work protection requirements. Also to facilitate the installation and portability, we designed the aluminum base Toe board to be foldable, and it can be bundled for easy handling and storage.