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Mini Aluminum Mobile Tower Precautions

Aug 08, 2018

Mini aluminum mobile tower is very flexible and easy to use, but you need to pay more attention during use. First of all, the requirements for the foundation are the same as those of the general aluminum scaffold. When the foundation is not flat, please use the adjustable base foot, adjust to the use height, and lock the caster to achieve balance. And the foundation must have the ability to withstand scaffolding and pressure during work.


In particular, due to the light weight of the small mobile aluminum scaffolding, it should be avoided during exposure to the conditions of exposure to wind, gust or intermediate breeze to ensure safety. When used independently, when the height of the tower exceeds 4 times the width of the bottom, the diagonal support must be installed and installed as required.


At the same time, all components and accessories of small mobile aluminum scaffolding are strictly prohibited from falling and hitting during transportation and storage. When lapping and disassembling, it is strictly forbidden to throw from high places, and when disassembling, it should be operated from top to bottom. Carefully inspect the complete set of accessories before construction to ensure that the parts are free from damage and shortages. It is forbidden to use small mobile aluminum scaffolding with safety hazards.