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Ladders Should Pay Attention To What The Problem

Jan 19, 2017

1. Physical fatigue, taking drugs, alcohol or have physical barriers to stop the use of various types of ladder;

2. Ladder should be placed in the consolidation of a stable air to prevent the non-slip and fixed equipment on the ice, snow or slippery appearance; work to stop exceeding the maximum load-bearing quality;

3. Stop the use of ladder in strong winds;

4. Metal ladder conductive, to prevent close to the charged place;

5. Climbing when facing the ladder, his hands clasped, the body center of gravity to adhere to the two ladder in the central column;

6. Do not stand in the ladder from the top of the ladder within the scope of the steps, always save the 1-meter safe maintenance height, not to climb over the top of the highest support point;

7. Do not exceed the head when the hands of the operation, so as to avoid loss of balance of the body, the risk of attack;