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How To Select The Truss

Mar 28, 2018

Aluminum truss is more popular and play an important role in entertainment industry now. So the stability and safe of the stage truss is top priority. Whether the truss design is solid and durable, meet the balance law of force system.


First, the sufficient strength to ensure that the trusses do not collapse or deform, make sure the stability and security of the stage or other exhibition platforms, etc. built by these trusses.


Second, the sufficient rigidity requires that the trusses do not undergo elastic variation when subjected to high pressure, and to change its shape and design appearance.


Most important, how to balance the strength and rigidity is to achieve the sufficient long-term stability. This is to avoid the collapse of the stage or other buildings due to the sudden change of the equilibrium form, and to protect the personal safety on site.


Therefore, the design of the truss is also quite vital. There should be good connecting, superb welding techniques, reasonable dimensions and the most suitable raw materials.