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How To Properly Use Scaffolding Safety Slings

Feb 25, 2020

On the construction site, there are many high-level operations and overlapping and crossing operations. In order to prevent the operator from falling at a certain height and position, the operator must fasten his seat belt when he climbs and works at height. The use and maintenance of seat belts have the following requirements:

(1) The role of seat belts must be valued ideologically. Countless things have shown that seat belts are "life-saving belts."

(2) Before using the seat belt, check whether the rope has no deterioration, whether the snap ring is cracked, and whether the snap spring bouncing is good.

(3) If there is no fixed hanging place for seat belts at high altitudes, wire rope of appropriate strength or other methods shall be adopted. It is forbidden to hang the seat belt on a moving or pointed shuttle corner or an unstable object.

(4) Hanging the seat belt at a high place, people working underneath are called high hanging low. This is a relatively safe and reasonable method for scientific attachment. It can reduce the actual impact distance when a fall occurs.

(5) Safety belts should be hung on solid members or objects, to prevent swinging or collision, the rope should not be used in knots, and the hooks should be hung on the connecting ring.

(6) The protective cover of the safety belt must be kept intact to prevent the rope from being worn. If the protective cover is found to be damaged or detached, you must add a new cover before using it.