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How To Eliminate Safety Hazards In Ultra-high Aluminum Scaffolding

Apr 27, 2019

The higher the height of the scaffold, the greater the risk factor. For mobile scaffolding, the risk factor is multiplied. In general, highly mobile aluminum scaffolding over 12 meters is already very dangerous. So how do you avoid and prevent the safety hazards and risks of higher-level scaffolding?

We have our own set of rigorous and safe design solutions for mobile aluminum scaffolding over 20 meters. Need to consider not only the safety of the design and construction of the product itself, but also the safety of the tower when moving, the use of personnel due to the tower shake and easy to produce fear and other series of problems

Safety hazards may exist in various subtle links, so whether it is the manufacturer, purchaser or user of scaffolding products, it is necessary to learn the relevant use specifications and take precautionary measures. Aluminum scaffolding must be done before construction and use. Safety inspections, such as ensuring that all parts are intact, critically free of cracks and obvious dents, etc., and safe and standardized construction to avoid potential safety hazards. ”

Accidents caused by high scaffolding and collapse caused by death and injury are numerous. The causes of accidents are mostly the safety and quality of scaffolding products, the standard of construction is not standardized, etc., but it does not exclude factors such as unprofessional operation. “Based on current industry realities, many construction workers are not professionals, so we need to ensure that these non-professionals can safely use height scaffolding over 20 meters with some simple training. The issues to be considered.