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How To Choose A Safety Scaffolding

Jul 26, 2019

Scaffolding is a necessary tool for working at heights. Once the scaffolding has a problem, the life and property of the person will be greatly threatened. Therefore, before choosing scaffolding, we must do a full range of inspections on the safety of the basket.

First of all, the appearance of the scaffold is also valued by each customer. After the external viewing, we have checked the electrical control system of the basket after the determination, including the insulation of the electrical system. Then compare the instructions to see if all the indicators meet the design requirements.

If there are conditions, we can carry out the no-load operation experiment on the hanging basket. During the running process, we need to test the operation process of each link. During the experiment, every component can be operated normally.

Next, we can carry out the loading experiment at different times according to the rated load. Here, we must carry out safety experiments such as lifting and safety self-locking. If the basket is accidentally dropped during the running test, the safety lock cannot achieve the self-locking function, the safety lock must be replaced and the test is stopped. This is the safety lock experiment on the basket.

After we have finished one test after another, we still need to check whether the parts are normal after the experiment and observe the changes in the operation. If you find unsafe hidden dangers, you should tell them in time and find out the reasons.