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How To Accept Truss And Stage Truss

Apr 21, 2018

The specific method has the following 4points:

1, the appearance of clean and acceptance. Eight prisms, stage truss, appearance quality of the installation of aluminum doors and windows should be a clean surface. Omo has no scratches, lumps, or rust; the coating Omo is smooth, uniform in thickness, and non-porous.

2, truss hardware acceptance. The fans of the doors and windows should be open and flexible, without Alice, block and rebound phenomenon. Hardware accessories should be complete and correct location. Closed after sealing in a compressed state.

3, surface and acceptance. Trusses, eight prisms, aluminum alloy doors and windows must be firm, smooth vertical and horizontal, consistent height of the glass curtain wall. This box wall gap should be 4, the quilting is full of dense, smooth surface, no cracks, packaging materials and methods should meet the design requirements.

4, glass curtain wall embedded part acceptance. Embedded truss, octagonal prism, number, position, buried connection method must meet the truss price related requirements.