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Difference Of 60 Series And 48 Series Ringlock Scaffolding

Feb 27, 2020

In recent years, ringlock scaffolding scaffolding has been used more and more in large-scale engineering projects. The structure of this kind of disc-type scaffolding accessories is more advanced than that of bowl-type scaffolding. The main feature is the comparison of connected crossbar There are many jacks on each disc, which can connect eight crossbars or even oblique rods in different directions.

The performance of the connection is relatively good. The plug of each cross bar can be independently locked with the vertical bar and removed separately. Even if the bolt on the disc socket is not tightly locked, the bolt will be subject to gravity Impact, automatic locking, no need to worry about loosening and other issues, higher security. Compared with the bowl buckle scaffold, it can save more than 2/3 of the steel; one person can complete the construction and disassembly work; saving time and effort! So it is very popular in the market!

Generally, the 48-series ringlock scaffolding is used in template support and scaffolding projects in subways, stadiums, and stage performances, and the 60-series disc-type scaffolding is used in bridges.

In summary, the bearing capacity of the 60 series is greater than that of the 48 series. Therefore, the advantages of areas with large load requirements such as bridges are obvious. At the same time, the 48 series has a greater advantage than the 60 series in scaffolding projects that have no special requirements for bearing capacity, because comprehensive calculations meet On the basis of that, the weight of the upper body per unit area is relatively lower than that of the 60 series, which also reduces costs, reduces manual labor intensity, and improves work efficiency.

At the same time, traditional scaffolding accessories such as screw rods and fasteners can be used together, which has strong versatility.