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Development Trend And Prospect Of Aluminum Alloy Trusses

Jun 04, 2018

The truss is generally a plane or a space structure with triangular elements composed of straight bars, and its strength and rigidity are relatively good. Its heavy capacity is also very strong, so it is suitable for a large span of load-bearing structures and high-rise structures. In recent years, the application of trusses in stand construction and on the stage has also witnessed rapid development. The type of truss is also very rich, and it can be divided into steel, aluminum alloy, etc. only from the perspective of the material, and the application of aluminum alloy truss in the stage construction is extensive, the following will introduce aluminum alloy Truss development trend.

In order to understand the development of the industry, we must first understand the potential of such products, and we must first look at the advantages of the things. It is light weight: it has strong corrosion resistance and it is very durable. Excellent pressure resistance.

Because of all the characteristics of the above aluminum alloy truss, it is very suitable for the construction of a variety of booths as well as the stage. In China, there are 5,000 years of culture and customs. There are all kinds of facilities, stages, tents, and so on for weddings, funerals, literary events, and operas. Not only that, in modern cities, as people’s level of spiritual and cultural needs have increased, a wide variety of theatrical performances have continued to flow, all of which have virtually provided a steady stream of application opportunities for aluminum alloy trusses. Therefore, the development prospect of the aluminum alloy industry is still quite broad.