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Correctly Build Truss To Protect Performance

Apr 16, 2018

In large-scale performances, we all need trusses. The role of the stage truss plays a crucial role in various performances, and it affects the lives of the performers and even the audience. Therefore, the correct construction of the truss becomes the most important task in the work.

In the company's celebrations, annual meetings, receptions, and so on, will encounter a variety of emergencies, this time we need to have a stable stage truss. The most important thing in constructing the truss correctly is to ensure the coordination of various parts and components of the trusses. It must not be neglected for a moment and forget to install a part. All equipment must be completely secure and must be carefully inspected before the start of the event. , to ensure the stability of the truss.


As a professional truss production plant, our company has carried out strict checks on the quality of trusses in order to ensure people's safety. We also add fashion elements to the design and do our best for every customer. Give maximum profit.