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China Aluminum Formwork Scaffolding Association Came To Visit Bocheng

Sep 11, 2019

On August 3, Zhao Yajun, secretary general of the China Aluminum Formwork Scaffolding Association, and his deputy secretary-general visited the Bocheng City to seek cooperation. Wu Weiguang, Vice President of the Bocheng Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shandong Huajian Aluminum Group, Ding Sanlian, General Manager of Window Bocheng, and relevant officials of the Industrial Materials Division of Huajian Aluminum Group attended the visit. Both the guests and the host jointly discussed the development trend of aluminum profiles and applications in various fields such as construction and industry. Both parties agreed that aluminum formwork and aluminum scaffolding have broad market potential and prospects for future development. The two sides should strengthen cooperation in this field and make full use of the extensive influence of Window Bocheng in the door, window and curtain wall and construction industry, and actively promote aluminum formwork and scaffolding. Applications.