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Building A Stage Truss Requires Preparation In Advance

Apr 17, 2018

Stage truss activities on different topics require different stage structures. Therefore, when setting up the stage, the first thing to be determined is the theme of the activity. After defining the theme of the activity, we can design a structure more consistent with the theme. Then, it is the preparation work must be done adequately, prepare various materials, choose the truss stage according to different themes. There is the scene layout of the stage truss structure, for its area, size, style are to be considered in advance, and then there is the lighting, must show the effect of stage activities, and lighting can also show style, Must choose the lighting that accords with the theme of the stage, but also plan the budget for building the truss stage. As for how to make the stage layout more beautiful, you need professional designers to carry out the layout and construction after long-term experience in order to demonstrate Different styles and effects come.