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Aluminum Stage Perfect Overall Effect, Quality Assurance

Oct 18, 2017

Aluminum Stage is a more commonly used activity stage, is the current domestic and foreign market more popular stage. The use of disassembly-type design, appearance, easy to build, adjustable height, strong stability. Added effect to the performance. Easy to install and disassemble on site, improve the operation efficiency of installation, the stage performance is safe and durable. The stage uses the long 1.22 meters width 1.22 meters,Aluminum Stage the altitude has four kinds of adjustment range, may any unit splicing structure, is suitable for the different terrain environment. The frame of the stage table is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, and the structure is beautiful and elegant. A T-groove is designed around the frame to facilitate the user to decorate the stage. The height and specification of the foot can be freely chosen according to the user's demand, surface thickness of 18mm, the use of export anti-skid, good quality, better, at the same time equipped with stage staircase steps,Aluminum Stage can be arbitrary activities put anywhere in the stage, to facilitate performance when performers step down, the overall effect is perfect, quality assurance, a custom specification size.

1, the whole can be demolished, only the board and stage insert occupies the position, stage bracket all detachable;

2, high cost performance;

3, easy to disassemble and dismantle, the use of bolt-type installation, no need to use any installation tools, an average of 100 square meters, two people 40 minutes can be completed;

4, good stability, bearing significant.

5, the activity stage, satisfies the customer to the stage the flow demand, may use with the suit, facilitates quickly.

6, Adjustable Height: The adjustment base has two kinds of height adjustment range, 35 centimeters and 60 centimeters.

Enhance the overall plasticity of the stage

Build a concern

A lot of time to build the stage is outdoors, it is likely due to uneven ground, resulting in the formation of the stage is not smooth and not smooth, and in accordance with the above-mentioned methods to buy aluminum alloy stage through the adjustment of their own columns to adjust the legs to meet the requirements of flat construction.

Security concerns

The aluminum alloy stage has super load-bearing ability. In the regular motor show and other activities, off-road vehicles and cars can be easily displayed on the aluminum alloy stage, to reproduce the stage of super load-bearing.

Aluminum alloy stage life is usually in the 10 years or so,Aluminum Stage can be repeated dismantling, building use, is a high utilization, practical modern block loading stage products. Hefei Decorative Metal Products Co., Ltd. 8 years focused on the development and manufacture of this high efficiency, effectively reduce your use costs and operating costs of aluminum alloy car stage.