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Aluminum Stage Improve The Reuse Rate, Reduce Operating Costs

Aug 07, 2017

Aluminum Stage to use high-quality 6061-T6 aviation aluminum, because the aluminum alloy rust-proof corrosion, with good outdoor practicality, known as "never rust." Stage pipe wall thickness to reach 3.0mm, the stage of the frame and the force of the side panels are to use 5 * 7 specifications, columns to use 50 round pipe, so as to meet the Aluminum Stage selection requirements.


In the process of choice on the Aluminum Stage, from the following points to consider:

Fish scale welding

"Fish Scale Welding" - is the aluminum welding of mature welding technology, welding surface uniform and yet a sense of beauty;

Fine polished

Stage welding and sharp corners need to be rounded

Easy disassembly

Stage stand can be all broken, easy storage and transportation;


1, the use of Aluminum Stage 6061-6t GB aluminum, in order to have a good compression, torsion and anti-drop performance, suitable for a variety of outdoor environment,

2, the requirements of the stage of the strong stability, high load bearing capacity (1000kg / m², single point load 500kg), the middle of the stage is not depression, good overall.

Enhance the overall plasticity of the stage

 Build concerns

Set up the stage is often in the outdoors, probably due to uneven ground, resulting in the formation of the stage is not smooth and not smooth, and in accordance with the above method to buy the Aluminum Stage to adjust their legs through the adjustment legs to achieve the requirements of leveling.

Security concerns

Aluminum Stage with superior load-bearing. In the regular auto show and other activities, off-road vehicles and cars can be easily displayed on the aluminum stage, the stage to reproduce the super load.

   Improve the reuse rate, reduce operating costs

 Light frame is to build a light stage and gantry when often used to a device, in use with the general base, side sets, anti-head, cross, ramp support, chain hoists and other accessories.

(A) light frame to build a gantry required materials

Two sets of aluminum alloy pillars, one end of the aluminum alloy beams, two sets of sets, two crossed, two hanging hoist, two anti-head, two bases, eight oblique support, harness, screws and so on.

(B) the light frame to build a square stage required materials

Four sections of aluminum alloy pillars, four-terminal aluminum alloy beams, four sets of four sets of four crossed, four hanging hoist, four anti-head, four base, Aluminum Stage eight oblique support, harness, screws, etc. \ Steps to build a stage booth:

1, first in the ground at the approximate position of the four base, adjust the following legs, so that in a horizontal plane; 

2, in the four corners on the outside of the base into the diagonal support under the part of each corner of the insert 2, a total of eight; 

3, the anti-head fixed with screws on the base, pay attention to the direction of rotation and the direction of the same mark marked; 

4, in the anti-head sets of sets; 

5, the beam on the ground to connect up;

6, the two ends of the beam and the two sides of the two side sets of docking link, then the beam part of the assembly are completed on the ground;

7, the column trusses lying on the connection, and then one end of the screw in the anti-head, the other end of the screw on the cross, while the hanging hoist and cross-linked links,Aluminum Stage  the role of gourd is used to enhance the following beam truss ;

8, together with the column truss slowly put up, pay attention not to force too much to push the column, and then fixed the anti-head above the screws;

9, stand up after the hanging hoist under the hook hook through the harness below the beam;

10,4 people together slowly dragging hanging hoist to pull the beam to the person's head around the position;

11, installed in the beam above the light and sound equipment;