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Aluminum Stage Improve Installation Efficiency, Stage Performance Is Safe And Durable

Oct 30, 2017

Aluminum Stage is a more commonly used activity stage, is the current domestic and foreign market more popular stage. The use of disassembly-type design, appearance, easy to build, adjustable height, strong stability. Added effect to the performance. Easy to install and disassemble on site, improve the operation efficiency of installation, the stage performance is safe and durable. The stage uses the long 1.22 meters width 1.22 meters, the altitude has four kinds of adjustment range, may any unit splicing structure, is suitable for the different terrain environment. The frame of the stage table is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, and the structure is beautiful and elegant. A T-groove is designed around the frame to facilitate the user to decorate the stage. The height and specification of the foot can be freely chosen according to the user's demand, surface thickness of 18mm, the use of export anti-skid, good quality, better, at the same time equipped with stage staircase steps, can be arbitrary activities put anywhere in the stage, to facilitate performance when performers step down, the overall effect is perfect, quality assurance, a custom specification size.

1, the whole can be demolished, only the board and stage insert occupies the position, stage bracket all detachable;

2, high cost performance;

3, easy to disassemble and dismantle, the use of bolt-type installation, no need to use any installation tools, an average of 100 square meters, two people 40 minutes can be completed;

4, good stability, bearing significant.

5, the activity stage, satisfies the customer to the stage the flow demand, may use with the suit, facilitates quickly.

6, Adjustable Height: The adjustment base has two kinds of height adjustment range, 35 centimeters and 60 centimeters. Our regular adjustment range of 60 cm-85 cm, 60 cm-1.1 meters, 80 centimeters-1.1 meters, 80 centimeters-1.3 meters, in addition to customer requirements of different heights. Adjustable height also makes the fast stage very good to solve the ground uneven, up and down stairs and other problems, such as the principle of regulation and scaffolding regulation similar to the principle, but the adjustment knob for the strengthening type, more coarse than the adjustment knob of the scaffold, there is a greater load-bearing capacity, the performance of the exhibition to build a stage of the most ideal equipment.

7, each square is lighter than the steel stage 6 kg, carrying more convenient, and aluminum alloy will not rust, easy to use permanently, and easy to store.

Aluminum Stage Material: High quality high strength GB standard aviation aluminum alloy material. Stage pillar: Pipe wall diameter 50 mm, thickness 3 mm. Adjustable tube: 43 mm Ø, 3.5 mm in thickness. Stage bracket: Tube wall diameter 50 mm, thickness of 2 mm. To withstand the role of the stage board of irregular materials, using a thickness of 3.5MM High strength aluminum, stage frame thickness of 3MM thick.

Stage PLATE: 18MM thickness of the red high-grade non-slip stage miscellaneous plank, is high temperature hot pressing and high-quality sheet. The strength is high, toughness is good, its strength is equivalent to ordinary wooden splint 4-10 times. With super waterproof and anti-corrosion moth resistance to aging, water damp not deformation.

Structure: The introduction of foreign connection methods and combined with the performance of the need to add new elements to make the stage more solid, build and dismantle faster.

Advantages: Relatively iron stage, not only to build more efficient and convenient, and will not rust, beautiful light. Suitable for outdoor and indoor lights in different occasions, the service life is several times longer than the iron stage, and the Aluminum Stage of the day-to-day maintenance simple.

Compared with similar aluminum stage:

(1) The stage uses the mold special custom aluminum material manufacture, each part passes through the precise design, the detail part has handled very well.

(2) The introduction of foreign most practical structural method, so that the stage for similar products, more stable, 1.22/1.22 meters can withstand 800 kg/square. (in the case of average stress)

Composition structure:

Each size is: 1.22 meters by 1.22 meters, the height can be customized according to customer needs, general conventional height of 0.6 meters, 0.8 meters, 1 meters, by bracket, column, telescopic tube, adjustable base, stage board combination. Each stage and the adjacent stage of the column and bracket is shared, all connected after the whole is a very solid. Disassembly and installation convenience, its stage surface is composed of plate and aluminum frame, it has good fire-retardant, wear-resistant, no harm, decorative strong characteristics, stage frame using high hardness aluminum alloy material, the structure is firm. Small inventory space, easy to store. Suitable for performances, meetings, celebrations and other venues, by friends welcome.

Product Maintenance:

1, the use of hard objects are strictly prohibited, sharp wiper strokes, crowbar beat.

2, aluminum alloy parts such as dirty after cleaning with clear water after drying can. After use to clean the plate surface, keep the plate dry, after use such as long-term does not apply for ventilation sunscreen, rain-proof.