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Aluminum Stage Booth Method Steps

Jun 27, 2017

The steps to build a stage booth

Light frame is to build a light stage and gantry often used when a device in the use of the general with the base, side sets, anti-head, cross arm, oblique support, chain hoists and other accessories.

(A) light frame to build a gantry required materials

Two sets of aluminum alloy pillars, one end of the aluminum alloy beams, two sets of sets, two crossed, two hanging hoist, two anti-head, two bases, eight oblique support, harness, screws and so on.

(B) the light frame to build a square stage required materials

Four sets of aluminum alloy pillars, four-terminal aluminum alloy beams, four sets of four, four crossed, four hanging hoist, four anti-head, four base, eight oblique support, harness, screws and so on.

Light frame to build stage booth method steps:

1, first in the ground at the approximate position of the four base, adjust the following legs, so that in a horizontal plane; 

2, in the four corners on the outside of the base into the diagonal support under the part of each corner of the insert 2, a total of eight; 

3, the anti-head fixed with screws on the base, pay attention to the direction of the rotation of the head and the map marked with the same; 

4, in the anti-head sets of sets; 

5, the beam on the ground to connect up;

6, the two ends of the beam and the two sides of the two side sets of docking link, then the beam part of the assembly on the ground are completed;

7, the column trusses lying on the connection, and then one end of the screw in the anti-head, the other end of the screw on the cross, while the hanging hoist and cross-linked links, the role of gourd is used to enhance the following beam truss ;

8, together with the column truss slowly put up, pay attention not to force too much to push the column, and then fixed on the anti-head above the screws;

9, stand up, the hanging hoist under the hook through the harness hook below the beam;

10,4 people together slowly dragging hanging hoist to pull the beam to the person's head around the position; 

11, installed in the beam above the light and sound equipment; 

12,4 people together to pull the hanging hoist to a predetermined height to stop;

13, the oblique support of the end and the column tightened, the other end and the base of the horizontal support tightened, so that the gantry to build completed.

Material Description: oblique support diagonal bar for the aluminum alloy bar for the steel, the base of iron and aluminum, the cross for the steel, truss, square sets, square head, anti-all the aluminum alloy material