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Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold High-rise Building Better

Jul 18, 2017

What is the advantage of Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold?

1. Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold with light, very strong aviation aluminum alloy for the material, the parts are very light weight, easy to install, handling and storage.

2. It is applied to the external structure of the external structure, which is suitable for the external structure of the external balcony, the cantilever beam, the variable cross section and the geometric section irregularity.

3. The bottom support truss is made according to the construction modulus and is connected by bolts. It is easy to disassemble and disassemble, and basically has reached the shape, assembly, standardization and versatility.

4. Lifting and use of both have a reliable two-way constraints, lifting smooth, to prevent the body, overturned.

5. Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold with multi-functional climbing construction, only 3 to 5 people can climb for the climbing, saving labor costs, shorten the duration, work efficiency significantly, reduce the cost of expenditure.

6. Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold to save material costs, multi-functional climbing frame only 4 to 4.5 times the floor high, according to the progress of the construction layer by layer, than the double row of scaffolding from the ground has been taken to the top to reduce the amount of steel to more than 40%.

7. Multi-functional climbing frame in the rising state, to meet the structural construction of the top layer of steel bandage, support mold, concrete pouring, and the lower demolition of the mold turnover and other needs; landing to meet the decoration when the construction base, plaster, paint spray, , Glass curtain wall installation and other requirements.

8. Aluminum alloy scaffolding from the vertical main frame, the bottom of the support of the truss composed of the force transmission system, the joints of the rod axis intersect at a point, reasonable force, and the overall stability is good.

9. The vertical main frame is a steel frame, and the guide rails are vertical main frame internal limbs, which are set long and can not be restricted by the high change of the building layer. Installation, easy to remove; use, the outer and lower comprehensive protection, easy to civilized construction, and shape rules, smooth, beautiful.

Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold anti-fall protection device:

1, Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements: If the scaffolding is higher than the ground elevation of about 3 meters, the workers must be equipped with personal anti-fall protection device.

2, scaffolding erection or removal, the full-time security officer to decide when to use anti-fall protection device.

3, for most scaffolding, the protective railing must be set at all edges and both ends of the frame. For support scaffolding and other forms of scaffolding, guard railings or personal anti-fall protection device is sufficient. But for both hanging blue scaffolding, protective railings and personal fall protection devices are both required. But also the use of safe harbors rather than security to prevent personal fall.

4, when the operating platform less than 35.56 cm, the work side do not need to do the protective railing. Plastering and platen operating surface to be 45.72 cm, so the steel beam and the facade of the building extension of the length of not more than 7.62 cm.

5, for the support of scaffolding, the upper railings from the operating platform distance is 96.52-114.3 cm between the upper railings must be able to withstand 200 pounds of force. (For single-point or double-point hanging blue frame bearing requirements is 45 kg in the middle of the rails in the middle of the operating platform and the upper rail, must be able to support 67.5 kg of force.When using dense mesh, closures or panels, Set up the upper railings (except for the design and installation of the mesh)

6, in the scaffolding walkway, scaffolding and guard railings between the gap shall not exceed 24.13 cm. Do not move construction waste on scaffolding to avoid trip to pedestrians.