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Aluminum Plank Low Maintenance Costs, Cost-effective

Jun 27, 2017

Aluminum Plank curtain wall unique texture, rich color, the appearance of shape can be diversified, and with glass, stone and other curtain wall material perfect combination. In addition, the Aluminum Plank curtain wall light weight, only one-fifth of the marble, glass curtain wall one-third, significantly reducing the building structure and the basis of the load, and maintenance costs are low, cost-effective, in all kinds of large-scale construction is very widely.

Aluminum Plank curtain wall joints are required to use silicone weathering glue for sealing, but so many owners are troubled by the obvious choice of high quality weathering glue, but still the phenomenon of glue from the drum, seriously affecting the appearance of the curtain wall. We can not help but ask: why the injured always Aluminum Plank curtain wall?

Under normal circumstances, Aluminum Plank curtain wall weathering glue drums mostly in the winter and spring, and in the summer northwest and other regions are often present this phenomenon. The root cause of the glue is the colloid before the complete curing, due to larger deformation of the rubber, cold pull hot pressure. The temperature of the night is reduced, the Aluminum Plank shrinks, the glue is widened, the colloid is stretched, and the colloid is cured slowly, and no elastomer is formed. The temperature increases during the daytime, the Aluminum Plank plate expands, the glue is narrowed and the colloid is compressed. Colloid curing faster, so the compression deformation of the colloid after forming the formation of a drum from the drum.

The specific heat capacity of Aluminum Plank is only 0.88 × 103J / (kg · ℃), and the thermal expansion coefficient is about 23 × 10-6m / ℃, about 3 times of glass. Therefore, the Aluminum Plank plate by the temperature difference is more obvious, thermal expansion and contraction caused by the deformation is greater, so "injured" is always Aluminum Plank curtain wall.

In addition, the size of Aluminum Plank, curtain wall orientation, construction time and other factors will have a certain impact. In general, the larger Aluminum Plank, curtain wall sunny, sooner or later construction, weathering glue appeared to the phenomenon of the probability of a larger drum.

At present, the curtain wall design and construction in the industry to form a misunderstanding, whether it is Aluminum Plank or stone curtain wall, where the curtain wall exposed surface of the gap between the unit plate, are coated with weathering silicone sealant, and the more stringent the better. If you do not glue, he said you cut corners, the concept of the development of the curtain wall in China today, in some owners and even a lot of curtain wall technology workers have been formed in the mind. Resulting in the standard specification is not high quality, low level of products, manufacturers shoddy, the installation of Aluminum Plank curtain wall outward deformation. Although there are architects and consultants require curtain wall with the opening system, but the construction manufacturers construction technology, construction costs and other reasons, often difficult to implement or the implementation of the effect is not ideal, of course, some owners found that after the seam, such as the northern weather more serious , There is a lot of fouling between the fouling, and some measures between the waterproof design and construction is not reasonable, resulting in serious leakage, the latter have to rectification. So the slit system has not really a wide range of use.

In developed countries such as Germany, the curtain wall product structure design is very rigorous, after many years of technical discussions and practice summary, the curtain wall products are divided into two categories, one is the warm wall system, the other is the decorative cold wall system The Special introduction is as follows:

As the name suggests, this wall is the main function of insulation, that is, indoor and outdoor heat exchange has a certain role in blocking the wall, such as both inside and outside by the Aluminum Plank or other metal plate composition, the middle of the use of polyurethane, polystyrene Or rock wool and other insulation materials composite insulation wall; and then the building outside the envelope used in the hidden frame glass curtain wall, all glass curtain wall, point-type connection glass curtain wall. These walls are like pouring concrete and brick walls, blocking the inside and outside of the shield is only a shield, do not allow indoor and outdoor air in the shield on the tape to produce convection, so the process must be sealed on the curtain wall May cause all the cracks in the air penetration, and to ensure that the use of a permanent seal within the age.

This cold wall on the construction of the two roles, one is to contrast the architectural effect, the second is to prevent the erosion of the surface of the building erosion erosion, improve the durability of the building. From the material on the majority of Aluminum Plank, stone, glass and other materials, the use of the majority of the building is not lighting the structure of the outer surface; from the structural requirements and building structures to maintain a certain interval, anti-rain leakage using isobaric principle design, Leaving the air exchange of the channel, to keep the curtain wall and the building structure within the dry, deodorant easy to discharge. Comparison of modern open hot channel curtain wall, the actual principle is in the original insulation wall outside the curtain wall and add a decorative wall system.

If the decoration of the cold wall system according to the insulation wall construction, that is, will be decorated on the cold wall of all the channels all sealed with sealant, will give the room to bring the following hidden dangers:

Whether the outer layer of Aluminum Plank or stone, there is a layer of the barrier will be due to temperature and condensation, curtain wall connector will produce corrosion, especially between the two different metal connectors due to different potential differences in the dew condensation of the medium Electrochemical corrosion, resulting in loose curtain wall structure and reduce the service life.

Especially the outer layer of Aluminum Plank or slate coated with anti-corrosion paint on the back, the board itself is impermeable, all the cracks in the board and then blocked, if the board and the wall spacing is greater than 40mm, will have a chimney effect, Speed up, to promote the interval in the tidal concentration increases, then if the insulation layer of the moisture barrier is not closed, will cause the moisture content of insulation material saturation and loss of insulation effect.

Some projects due to economic factors, it is necessary to have a good surface to spend money and can not be more in the civil structure of the outer side of the insulation layer and waterproof layer, curtain wall and structural wall in the interval of moisture due to Aluminum Plank or coated with stone Layer is very dense (intertwined glue treatment), can not volatil to the outside, only through the concrete or brick wall to the indoor penetration. After the high-end decoration of the residential wall in the indoor side are generally added a layer of plywood, infiltration of indoor moisture can not be volatile, especially the humidity of the kitchen and often open the warehouse, when the solar terms after the rise of yang yang, will produce difficult Into the nose of the mold gas, seriously damaged the living room environment.

Condensation of a large number of deposition in the first floor of the foundation and penetrate the wall, will cause the wall to reduce thermal resistance, wall base premature powder, reduce the service life.

China is now in the building on the use of Aluminum Plank curtain wall mostly to contrast the main building effect, and the glass with a reasonable match, showing the handsome tall and solemn or solemn majestic modern architectural art effect, this type of Aluminum Plank curtain wall products from the structural design and construction are Classified as decorative cold wall system. But in fact we are now a building building Aluminum Plank curtain wall is what? From the product structure design and installation process more than 90% for the warm wall system. From the near plate gap between the application of weathering sealant transverse, vertical is not straight, the surface is not smooth, coupled with the sealant silicone oil precipitation more dust, curtain wall surface stains unsightly. In the north at least 30% of the Aluminum Plank curtain wall plate outward deformation, especially the use of metal fluorocarbon paint spray panel, the board slightly uneven, there will be a large contrast, from the perspective of the overall Aluminum Plank curtain wall surface, such as the breeze of the lake from the waves , Is ugly, seriously affected the style of the building.