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Aluminum Plank Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Oct 18, 2017

Aluminum Plank has been used in the construction industry is particularly extensive, especially the decoration of building materials. So the beauty of Aluminum Plank is more attention. So now more manufacturers are more concerned about the surface of Aluminum Plank aesthetic treatment.

1. Electrophoresis Paint

This method of treatment is now the most used in Japan, after such treatment, the surface of aluminum sheet has a smooth side, corrosion resistance will be enhanced.

2. Electrostatic spraying powder

The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of Aluminum Plank, for some acid and alkali salt, the aluminum sheet is better than the oxidation coloring profile.

3. Matte Fabric

Its own pattern Aluminum Plank is very bright, but in our life in a certain environment will appear interference bright spot, the use of abrasive sand can be very good customer service this shortcoming, its surface like silk general silky, by a lot of people like.

4. Multi-Tone surface treatment

The previous traditional color of the Aluminum Plank has been unable to meet the needs of some designers, in order to make the Aluminum Plank better with the use, there are a variety of color processing, so that the color of the Aluminum Plank more perfect, the most important thing is that the need to be polished after oxidation treatment, the effect is the best.

5. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics

This is the use of advanced science and technology. After this treatment of Aluminum Plank quality excellent, although said to be higher cost, but a penny cents. The most important thing is that the Aluminum Plank can also be a series of chromatic.

For the anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy, more can be used in daily life, the characteristics of this process, so that the surface of aluminum to produce a hard protective layer, can be used to produce kitchenware and other daily necessities. However, the anodic oxidation effect of cast aluminum is not good, the surface is not only benign, but also only black. Aluminum alloy profiles will be a little bit better, below for everyone to briefly introduce the Aluminum Plank oxidation treatment method.

In recent ten years, our country's aluminum oxidation coloring technology has developed rapidly, many factories have adopted new technology, and accumulated rich experience in actual production. The process of anodic oxidation of aluminum and its alloys, which has matured and is developing, can be selected according to actual production needs.

1. What range of electromagnetic waves are used to shield the Aluminum Plank?

2. Electrical cabinets, filters and other major electrical components of the installation board, if the use of Aluminum Plank has any special benefits?

3. We know that the permeability of aluminum is relatively low, if a space with aluminum cover sealed, not leaking gaps, is not the external magnetic field of lines will not pass this closed space?