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Aluminum Plank Better Than The Oxidation Of Colored Profiles

Aug 07, 2017

Aluminum Plank are now widely used in the construction industry, especially in the decoration of building materials. So the beauty of aluminum is more concerned about. So now more manufacturers are more concerned about the beautiful surface of aluminum processing.

1. Electrophoretic paint

This method of treatment is now the most used in Japan, after such a deal, the aluminum surface of the surface showing a smooth side, corrosion resistance will be enhanced.

2. Powder electrostatic spraying

The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum, for some acid and alkali salt, this aluminum sheet is better than the oxidation of colored profiles.

3. Scrub fabric

Its own pattern of aluminum is very bright, but in our lives in a certain environment will appear interference highlights, the use of matte can be a good customer service this shortcoming, its surface like silk silky, by a lot of People like it.

4. Multi-tone surface treatment

Before the traditional color of the aluminum plate is already unable to meet the needs of some designers, and in order to make aluminum with better use, there have been a variety of color processing,Aluminum Plank so that the color of aluminum to become more perfect, the most important thing is that Is the need to go through the polishing after the treatment, the effect is the best.

5. Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramicization

This is the use of advanced science and technology. After this treatment of aluminum quality is excellent, although the cost is higher, but a penny goods. The most important thing is that this aluminum plate can also be a series of chromatography.

 1. Aluminum is usually used to shield what range of electromagnetic waves?

 2. Electrical cabinets, filters and other major electrical components of the installation board, if the use of aluminum What are the special benefits?

3. We know that the permeability of aluminum is low, if a space is made of aluminum cover, do not leak the gap, is not the magnetic field of the external magnetic field will not pass this enclosed space?

1. First of all:

(2) For the low-voltage, high-current interference source, the near-field to the magnetic field, the electric field component can be ignored; (2) for the low-voltage, high current interference source, the near field to the magnetic field, the electric field component can be ignored; (3) For the higher frequency, or far away from the interference source (far field conditions), regardless of the characteristics of the interference source itself, can be seen as a plane electromagnetic field, this time the electric field and magnetic field can not be ignored. For the aluminum plate, the shielding of the electric field wave, the shielding efficiency in the whole frequency range is very good; shielding of the plane wave, the entire frequency range shielding effectiveness can be, Aluminum Plank(0.5mm aluminum plate in the entire frequency range shielding effect at least More than 120dB); shielding of the magnetic field, low frequency band (less than 100KHz) shielding effectiveness is poor, greater than 1MHz, shielding effectiveness increased significantly.

2. With aluminum or copper, mainly shielding more than 100KHz electromagnetic waves, as to what special benefits, there may be other considerations (personally think), because the aluminum or copper plate permeability is low, so for low-frequency magnetic field Shielding effect is poor.

3. The permeability of the aluminum plate or the copper plate is very low. If the space is covered with an aluminum shield, it has little effect on the bypass due to its low permeability, that is, the material with low magnetic permeability can not be effectively shunted Magnetic circuit, resulting in its magnetic field shielding performance decline, so, and you just the opposite. In order to obtain a better shielding effectiveness of the enclosed space, the use of large permeability of the steel plate to improve the shield,Aluminum Plank so that the external magnetic field through the space, most of the magnetic field is high permeability of the steel guide (bypass) Make the space cleaner.

 4. Aluminum shield made of shielding effect on the magnetic field as steel plate, because the permeability of aluminum as steel and other ferromagnetic materials, but some occasions heard that some people can say that aluminum plate magnetism, mainly refers to the characteristics of which aspects of aluminum What? Also want to ask, aluminum permeability is low, magnetic field lines can pass through the aluminum plate?