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Aluminum Ladder Solid And Reliable, Stretch Card Spring

Jun 05, 2017

Aluminum ladder than the traditional bamboo ladder, the advantage lies in the light weight, solid material, not cracking deformation, etc., has now been widely used in various industrial places.

Ladder quality is good or bad related to personal safety, the current production of aluminum ladders ladder manufacturers are more time to buy regular business, good reputation of the enterprise.

before use

The ladder is ready for use before use

1. Make sure that all rivets, bolts and nuts and working parts are tightly connected. The ladder and ladder are secure and reliable.

2. Ladder to keep clean, no grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery material

3. The operator's shoes are kept clean, forbidden to wear leather shoes

Fold this paragraph

Ladder should be used to pay attention to what the problem.

1. Use of ladders when you are tired, taking medications, drinking or having physical disabilities.

2. Ladders should be placed on a sturdy and stable floor, forbidden to be placed on ice, snow or slippery surfaces without skid and fixed equipment

3. Prohibit the prohibition of exceeding the maximum bearing capacity

4. Do not use ladder in strong winds

5. Metal ladder conductive, to avoid close to the live place

6. Climbing people facing the ladder, his hands grasping, the body center of gravity to stay in the middle of the two ladder

7. Do not stand on the top of the ladder from the ladder 1 meter range of ladder, always keep 1 m of the height of the security, not to climb the top of the highest support

8. Do not go beyond the head of the hands of the operation, so as not to lose balance of the body, dangerous

9. Do not jump directly from one side of the ladder to the other