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Aluminum Ladder Routine Maintenance Is Indispensable

Sep 28, 2017

In the past, the characteristics of the safety and extension of the aluminum ladder introduced content, we have to introduce the characteristics of the telescopic aluminum ladder, I believe we have a certain understanding of this product. How to correctly use is the next need to study in detail. The following content, we will take this issue for everyone to elaborate.

1, in the use of telescopic aluminum ladder, we need to pull the ladder with both hands, and then press the tie bar down. To ensure that the ladder four feet to the ground, no shaking.

2, put the ladder can not be heavy objects pile pressure, so as not to deformation, but not on the acid, alkali, corrosive strong place.

3, after use, in order to avoid space, need to fold it. Fold, it is recommended in the wide cascade after the pull up, Shoulong against the wall can be placed.

In addition to the use of aluminum ladder need to pay attention to, the daily maintenance is also indispensable. For example, the ladder should be placed as far as possible away from doors and windows, corners or channel openings. If you must work near the area above, you should set up a roadblock or warning sign nearby. Make sure there is no heat and moisture near the ladder.

Safety aluminum ladder is mainly used for staff in the fan, tower within the high-altitude operations to ensure the safety of the operator to maximize the safety factor to improve the operation. The third generation of safety aluminum ladder with aviation aluminum, high quality, sturdy and difficult to use, safe and comfortable.

1, tread sticks on both sides of the anti-skid, handrails on both sides of the anti-skid, all-round security to grasp the safety.

2, safety guide ultra-wide wall thickness of 3mm, to withstand 600kg concentrated load without permanent deformation, non-symmetrical front cabin to prevent misuse.

3, safety guide rear compartment and aluminum ladder easy to connect, easy to adjust, to ensure smooth connection from top to bottom.

4, safety guide before the cabin sliding, smart light anti-off. Mechanical brake, from oil and other environmental impact, stop distance 70mm, security zero hidden danger.