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Aluminum Alloy Truss In The Stage

May 15, 2018

The use of aluminum alloy truss in the stage is more common in modern society, but non-general people cannot use aluminum alloy truss to build the stage.


The structure of the stage trusses is rarely used in large-span public buildings, exhibition halls, stadiums, and bridges. The straight truss on the lower part of the stage truss, which receives the axial forces, engages in a geometrically invariable lattice load bearing structure at the node of the response, and is located at the lower edge of the truss.


In order to expand the tabletop and increase the atmosphere of entertainment, the stage can stick out from under the main stage and lift up a plane with the main stage, allowing the player to have more space to play and get close to the audience and reach various extraordinary results. When not in use, the stage can be retracted into the main stage to increase the area of the stage.


Its more important significance is also that it transforms the complex stress state inside the solid web beam under transverse bending into a simple tensile-compressive stress state in the truss members, which can intuitively understand the distribution and transmission of forces, facilitating planning changes. And combinations. Whether it is bending or shearing, truss structures can give ample evidence of data strength, making it suitable for various spans of building roof structures.


Compared with solid web beams and trussed beams, shear resistance can be gradually transmitted to the bearings through reasonable arrangement of web members. In terms of bending resistance, since the sections subjected to tension and compression are centrally arranged on both sides of the unevenness, the internal force arm is increased, so that a greater bending strength is achieved with the same amount of data.


The stage construction itself must consider the traffic problems of the participants, as long as the fast and safe passage and traffic can absorb as many audiences as possible for the exhibition activities. The construction of the stage truss should be conducive to the collection and dispersion of participants. In this way, the ability to reach the stage to build their own to obtain the effect and peace request. Due to the large number of participants involved in many business activities, we must be able to disperse even in the event of any unexpected events.