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All Categories Of Aluminum Truss

Mar 21, 2018

Truss, made from main tubes and braces, is a flat or space structure. According to load-bearing needs, to design a certain number of vice tube and brace.


The characteristics of aluminum alloy truss frame in the weight, load-bearing, stability, etc. can be very good show.


According to its characteristics, we usually have the following structures,


Simple structure of the double frame, small load-bearing, used in small activities and lighting background hanging


Stable triangular structure, less material to achieve the good result. Typically for general activities, can be used to build the background frame, light frame, scaffolding and other small exhibitions


Box frame, strong load-bearing, often used to build the stage background, stage lighting, exhibition stands, etc.


Square tube box truss, superior load-bearing and safety, commonly used in stage lighting, activities, scaffolding and other large and small outdoor show


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