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Adjustable Aluminum& Scaffold Tower Advantage

Jun 17, 2019

The adjustable aluminum& scaffold tower is because it has an adjustable foot, which refers to an accessory that connects the caster to the frame. In actual use, it can be arbitrarily adjusted within a certain range according to the specific situation of the ground leveling, so that the aerial work platform plate of the scaffold is kept stable.


Unadjustable requirements for ground leveling are high because the level of the ground directly affects the smoothness of the scaffolding. If such scaffolding is used on uneven ground, the staff standing on the construction will obviously feel the sway of the shelf and easily fall or collapse, resulting in very serious consequences. The adjustable scaffolding overcomes the above problems. It requires less ground for construction and can achieve the most stable working condition in combination with actual terrain.


The adjustable aluminum& scaffold tower are designed with adjustable legs of 0.4m-0.6m. The construction personnel can adjust between 0.4m-0.6m according to the specific ground conditions until the working platform of the aluminum scaffold reaches the level to ensure the stability of the whole tower. Stability and safety.


In addition, the adjustable aluminum& scaffold tower can also be built on the ground of the ladder. It is very convenient to adjust the frame and the adjustable legs when the bottom is built to meet the requirements of the actual stepped ground. Therefore, everyone should try to choose adjustable aluminum& scaffold tower when purchasing, it will be more convenient to use.