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2m Width Scaffolding Usage And Adaptability

Apr 29, 2019

The 2m width scaffolding has a relatively large bearing capacity during the operation. When the geometry and structure of the scaffolding meet the requirements of the specification, the bearing capacity of the single pipe column of the scaffolding can reach 15kN~ 35kN (1.5tf ~ 3.5tf, design value).

The 2m width scaffolding is very convenient for loading and unloading, and it is flexible when operating. Since the length of the steel pipe is easy to adjust and the fasteners are easily connected, it can be used for scaffolding for buildings and structures of various planes and facades. More economical, simple processing, lower investment costs; if the scaffolding geometry is carefully designed, pay attention to improve the turnover rate of steel pipes, the material dosage can also achieve better economic results. .

Adaptability of 2m width scaffolding

1) Construct scaffolding, formwork and other support frames in various forms.

2) Assemble the well frame.

3) Set up ramps, work sheds, stands and other temporary structures.

4) As an aid to other kinds of scaffolding, strengthen the rod.