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2019 Shanghai International New Building Formwork Scaffolding And Construction Technology And Equipment Exhibition

Oct 24, 2019

In order to actively develop and vigorously promote the application of new building formwork scaffolding technology, sponsored by China Formwork Scaffolding Association, Shanghai Wan Yao Enterprise Exhibition Co., Ltd., "2019 Shanghai International New Building Template Scaffolding and Construction Technology and Equipment Exhibition" and "2019 China" The High Quality Development Forum for Formwork Scaffolding is scheduled to be held from November 21st to November 23rd, 2019 at Hall 1H of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As an important part of the "2019 Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo Series & the 8th Asian International Building Industrialization Exhibition (BIC)", this exhibition will be deeply integrated with many BIC customers through BIC's international platform. Bringing broad trade opportunities and development opportunities to all member units.

I. Introduction to the template scaffolding exhibition

“2019 Shanghai International New Building Formwork Scaffolding and Construction Technology and Equipment Exhibition” was established in the template and scaffolding exhibition hall of Hall 1H of the 8th BIC Asia International Building Industrialization Exhibition of Shanghai International City and Architecture Exhibition. The entire exhibition will focus on the new "building formwork and scaffolding", "engineering construction and management software", "template and scaffolding production equipment" supporting products.

BIC is one of the most influential business exhibitions in China's construction industry. Adhere to "international leadership, technological innovation, community building." Taking the industrialization of buildings as the core; the theme of "smart manufacturing, digital construction". Through deep farming and market segmentation, we will create an efficient platform for the integration of international resources and domestic technology, engineering and trade projects and resources. In the past seven years, it has become the first choice for the global construction industry to enter the Chinese market. This exhibition has gathered the world's top brands in building industrialization. Through on-site display, more professionals in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain can feel the industrialization era of the construction industry and understand the infinite future of China's construction industry!

Second, 2019 China template scaffolding quality development Shanghai Forum

To promote the industrial upgrading of the scaffolding industry, and to strengthen international cooperation. Innovate, coordinate, green, open, share the five development concepts, hold high-end forum activities, invite well-known enterprises and experts in the industry to make forum reports, and provide international industry exchange, negotiation, trade and display platforms for members.

Third, the participants

At that time, relevant industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to the exhibition to participate in the event.

All member units and related companies are welcome to participate in the exhibition and gain business opportunities.