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Why Modern Enterprises Choose Aluminum Stage

Jun 26, 2018

For modern enterprises to participate in exhibitions or promotional activities, the first thing to use is of course the aluminum alloy stage. Nowadays, some brand customers have already used the aluminum alloy stage as a regular promotional item in the system application. Whether it is the launch of new products or holiday promotions, it has achieved good results. The aluminum alloy stage is a vivid tool for corporate promotion. Corporate exhibitions, advertising promotions, recruitment, and various promotional occasions require the use of an aluminum alloy stage.


Aluminum alloy stage is also known as aluminum alloy truss, aluminum alloy lighting frame, truss and so on. Aluminum alloy truss is helpful for improving the brand image in the store, creating a festive atmosphere and increasing sales. Aluminum alloy truss has the advantages of convenient transportation, environmental protection, rapid assembly, etc. Aluminum alloy stage can play a role in conveying information, displaying goods, and promoting sales.


    1, aluminum alloy truss can adapt to any direction of the angle requirements;

    2. The aluminum alloy truss bearing does not have rubber pressure, and there is no effect of rubber aging on the bearing, so it has a long service life.

    3, the bearing through the spherical transmission force, there is no force of the necking phenomenon, acting on the upper and lower structure of the reaction force is more uniform;

    4, shock absorption bearing has a good shock absorption performance;

    5, with anti-horizontal force performance, to ensure that the structure is not disjointed during horizontal earthquake;

    6. It has the performance of resisting vertical tension and ensures that the vertical structure is not disjointed during vertical earthquake;

    7, aluminum alloy truss can carry vertical loads;

    8, aluminum alloy truss can meet the radial and circular displacement requirements;