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Where is the Advantage of aluminum stage?

Apr 03, 2018

First of all, we simply introduce to you what is the aluminum stage. This product is mainly made of aluminum alloy material, and the tube is made of high-quality iron pipe, which ensures the durability and long-term use without deformation. All along, we endeavor to provide customers with high-quality aluminum stage products, complete specifications and models, a variety of styles for users to choose.


In practical applications, the aluminum stage is quick to build, convenient and fast, stylish and durable, and stable in the atmosphere. Especially after the upgrade, its durability is increased by 50%, it is more wear-resistant, and its load-bearing capacity is even greater. The user can flexibly use and set up a period of time, which can greatly save labor, time, cost, and stability. After the construction is completed, a clear water template is laid, and a red carpet can be applied, which is a cost-effective stage.


For now, the common specifications for the aluminum stage are: 1.22m X 2.44m for each stage, and a clear water template can be used above it. The common height is 60cm and 80cm.


The aluminum stage has a wide range of users. It can be used for large-scale outdoor concert opening special stage, small-scale indoor and outdoor promotion special stage, large and small press conference special stage, costume model show special stage, T-type stage structure, glass stage, shopping mall promotion Event stage and pull-net stage.


In general, the aluminum stage is not only of reliable quality, but also plays an increasingly important role today. In modern society, there are many kinds of performances and it is necessary to build a stage. At this time, stage truss has become an essential aspect.


Of course, the quality of the aluminum stage has always been of concern. As a space for the show to be more smooth and perfect, we really need to pick quality aluminum stage products. From the aspect of product size and specification, it is necessary to determine the specific length, width and height according to actual needs.