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What should we pay attention when assemble the outdoor concert stage?

Nov 28, 2017

When assembling the outdoor concert stage, we should consider the environment and the problem of light and stage stability, audience viewing angle, up and down stage aisle and quantity,especially pay attention to its security.

What should we pay attention when assemble the outdoor concert stage?

1.We need to consider its illumination problem effectively when performed in the evening, because we need lights assembled on the lighting truss with convenient power-on connection consider to avoid the cable walking through the auditorium that may causes the potential safety problem and increase the performance cost
2. We need to pay special attention to the viewing angle of audience when assemble the outdoor concert.The stage should adjust the height and length according to the audience,the more audience,the larger stage.
3. Outdoor concert stage must have a level,Generally,outdoor large-scale TV show activity is relatively large with many actors, so if the stage is bigger, should design some level changes.
4.Consider the number of channels for actors: according to the requirements of the program, there are enough channels for them.In order to evacuate easily, the actor channel should not be designed as a stairway,but the slope way to avoid the congestion during the evacuation.
5.It is very important to choose the material of the stage which used on the outdoor large-scale variety show is inevitable.To consider sufficiently the requirements of the program, the material must have specific coefficient of bearing to guarantee the security of the stage, if the stage partially collapsed, it will be a trouble after finishing the installation.