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What should we pay attention to when setting up aluminum alloy stage?

Jan 11, 2019

Aluminum alloy stage has a wide range of USES. It can be used to prepare professional concerts or to display products of enterprises. However, no matter what kind of activities the aluminum alloy stage is applied to, it should be assembled and built according to the requirements of the activities and the on-site environment.
So in order to effectively improve the safety quality of aluminum alloy stage, what aspects should be paid attention to in the construction process?
What should we pay attention to when setting up aluminum alloy stage?
1. Pay attention to the selection of suitable terrain
In outdoor activities of time many companies will choose public praise good aluminum stage company to set up the stage, because professional stage companies not only familiar with the construction of the aluminum alloy stage process, but also pay attention to build some of the details, including to choose appropriate terrain is the first need to pay attention to the details of the problem, because if the ground not level off will affect the stability of the stage.
Therefore, during the construction, professional companies will try their best to choose flat ground. If it is really impossible to meet the requirements of flat ground, stage companies will use appropriate pads and adjust the height of stage legs to maintain the balance of the whole stage.

2. Pay attention to calculating the stage loading
In order to meet the requirements of performance, aluminum alloy in addition to having a stage of platform will also be used to hang the lights and background facilities such as truss, and these items are weight, so to be on the safe side, in the process of building aluminum stage must pay attention to calculate the weight of these items, choose after choosing appropriate amount of supporting structures, lest produce risk.

3. Pay attention to the usable area of the stage
Generally speaking, aluminum alloy stage companies with high evaluation will have some relatively fixed stage area, but in the actual construction process, attention should be paid to accurately calculate the usable area of the stage according to the customer's activity scale, so as to ensure that the built stage can meet the space requirements of the activity.
Only when set the stage to fully pay attention to these details to get the stage of high quality and reliable, to held various activities to provide a high degree of security, as companies, although there is a professional aluminum alloy stage company to build, but also need to know some relevant knowledge, good to built the stage for acceptance.