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What should I pay attention to when purchasing aluminum truss?

Aug 01, 2019

A perfect stage performance is inseparable from the support of audio and lighting equipment, and it is also inseparable from the support of aluminum alloy trusses. In fact, for the stage construction work, the aluminum alloy truss has become an indispensable part, and its quality directly affects the construction effect of the stage. Therefore, the use of high-quality trusses is a prerequisite for a successful performance. With the guarantee of quality, it can effectively protect personal safety and avoid property damage.


How to correctly choose aluminum truss:


First, the details of the welding process


The good welding process of the aluminum alloy truss means that the quality of such products is qualified, so the purchaser can observe the welding quality of the product, including observing the fineness of the welding details. The industry-leading aluminum alloy trusses require special fine processing to ensure the fineness of the dimensions, which helps the screw holes to be aligned and successfully matched with the accessories to achieve the best results.


Second, the gloss of the truss surface


The surface of a good-looking aluminum truss generally has a noticeable luster, because the tantalum-treated truss keeps the look glamorous and elegant. Therefore, consumers can choose a truly qualified product by observing the surface gloss during the process of purchasing the product.


Third, safety performance


When purchasing a product, you must choose the most reliable aluminum truss brand to ensure the safety of use. The high-quality aluminum alloy truss greatly improves the strength of the force by improving the structure of the steel frame at the two ends by welding the plug at both ends, effectively avoiding the problems of deformation and collapse.