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What’s the standard of trade show truss?

Dec 08, 2017

Trade show truss is a common truss in exhibition field.Trade show truss has been widely used in various  of exhibition venue, display platforms. For consumer, it has the advantages of convenient installation, quick, and strong stability, and is especially suitable for large activities.
Truss is a structure which is made of hinge joint between two ends of bar.In the actual use, we must keep the strength of the truss which will be pressured by axial tension.
In the process of designing and building the truss, we need to consider the cost in terms of meeting the requirements.For example, if the structure span is larger, the more reasonable design can be adopted, thus saving a lot of material.It can also reduce self-weight and increase stiffness.
Truss should not only have enough strength but also should be rigid enough to prevent deformation.In addition, it is necessary to ensure its stability during the design to prevent collapse because of transition in the form of equilibrium. It also has good dynamic characteristics and certain seismic resistance and wind resistance.In addition to the above, note that the rods and fittings of the truss should be also used to meet the requirements.
Trade show truss should be able to withstand certain pressure or pull force in practical application.Usually, when design the truss, we should select the appropriate material and the materials should be fully utilized to save materials and reduce the structural weight.