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What kind of products are high quality and safe aluminum scaffolding?

Dec 13, 2017

Industry veterans believe that the so-called high-quality and safe aluminum scaffolding should meet the following two requirements:
The first requirement is to check if the product meets the standards.In the process of manufacturing, some manufacturers strictly follow the relevant standard design and manufacture, and have obtained relevant safety certification which has a great security guarantee.
Second,we need to pay attention to the material and craft.In fact,material and craft will directly determine the quality and durability of the product.For example, some high quality products are made of cold expansion and cold pressing non-welding technology, and its strength is triple of ordinary welding craft.It will produce certain internal stress when aluminum alloy material is under hot working welding technology processing that will make internal damage in the molecular structure to reduce the original strength and durability.
In addition, due to the aluminum scaffolding is usually belong to the category of systematic engineering, so in the process of practical production, engineering experience and working experience of manufacturer also has a certain reference value.This is because these rich experiences can effectively reduce some of uncertainties, while avoiding possible safety accidents.